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This lack of children education problem is most prevalent in a country called, Nigeria in Africa. Around 7.5 percent of the world’s children are out of school. Children should be able to learn and be able to get an education. People then can grow and be successful for the future. Luckily, global initiatives are being done to address this issue. Unicef, and The Commonwealth Education Fund are currently helping. Unicef and The Commonwealth Education collect money in the simplest ways to end countries lacking education. They send pencils and supplies for schools to use. The little things we take advantage for, some countries don’t even have.

            In my picture, I drew many things to represent the problem, lack of children education.  In the middle I drew hands connecting, showing interdependence. I wrote words and quotes that represent education, like “Learn,” and ”A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated.” On the sides, I drew books and a graduation cap to show that children need the education, and can graduate to succeed for the future. Also, I drew a world globe representing Unicef helping all across the world. The pictures on the side show the classrooms in Africa. They are improving the level of education daily, from the improvement of education supplies and books. The drawing of the boy represents him being happy, and the green and white is the flag of Nigeria.

I used colored pencils, paint, sharpies, and printed pictures in my drawing. I used this media to make the drawings pop and put color in the book. 

Abby Y.


Mira N
03/08/2012 9:37am

this is so good(:
haha i really like how your creativity really showed in your project.

Cassidy S.
03/08/2012 10:12am

I love the mixture between the quotes and pictures. It flows really nicely and it looks great!

Mrs. Cook
03/12/2012 6:52am

Well thought out and exceptional artwork. You always do advanced work. Congratulations.

Kristina B.
03/21/2012 8:00am

this is so good!! youre a really good artist! I really like all the colors and the hands connected in the middle:)

03/21/2012 8:10am

Wow. this is amazing i lo ve how do did the hands!. I ould never be able to do that good. i love it!

03/21/2012 8:16am

I really liked how you found ways to add writing to your pictures!

03/21/2012 8:23am

i like how you used quotes and images. good job!


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