Michelle H.

     Bullying is worldwide concern because everyday, people around the world are picked on and it may lead to injury, hurt feelings, feeling of fear, or even suicide. Mostly bullying takes
place at school or online.  1 out of 4 teens are bullied, also 160,000 students
stay home because they are scared about being bullied.  The most frequent place
where bullying takes place, 43%, occurs in a school bathroom.  If you see kids
being bullied, you can stand up for the person or you can tell an adult. 
Bullying is important to me because everyday I see kids picking on other kids,
the person that is the bully may think that it is just a joke, but inside the
person’s feelings may be hurt. 
      I used colorpencil and markers to create my hexagon. My
drawing is cut in half, one side is clenched teeth and eyebrows pointed down
like the bully.  The other side has an eye with tears runinng down the face,
which represents the person that just got bullied. Remember, it isn’t big to
make others feel small.


Rachel P.
02/27/2013 8:44am

I think that it is really cool that you drew two different faces representing the two different sides of the situation. One being the bully and the other one that is being bullied. Your drawing of both of your faces are really realistic and feel really bad for the teens that are being bullied. Its really good!!! :)


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