Brianna K.
Media used: Paint and colored pencils
I used this media because everything looks clean and put together.

My issue is bullying because everyone goes through being bullied one time or another. It can vary from mean nicknames and comments to months of pain and sadness. But because of it, people are making a difference and trying to end it.  Molly and Lauren, the founders of a movement called Kind Campaign - a girl’s anti-bullying program, are trying to do just that.   Because of the bullying I went through, Kind Campaign has made a huge impact in my life and that is why the issue of bullying is so important to me!

I created the art of my hexagon because the girl resembles how so many girls feel today and everyday. The girl is in the middle and surrounded by all of the mean and nasty words that impact her life everyday. The statistic is placed in the middle of the hexagon to state what an impact bullying can make on peoples lives. Finally, everything is then tied together with the meaningful words at the bottom.    


Alexandra M.
03/05/2012 9:22am

i really like the speech bubbles on the top of the art work. good job!

Mrs. Jennifer Kopecky
03/07/2012 7:32am

I am sorry you have been bullied, that makes me sad. As a teacher, I do my best to watch for and prevent bullying. I agree with you that everyone can make a difference. Hopefully, through kind klub and people like yourself stepping up the girl you portray in your artwork will soon be smiling!

03/07/2012 12:32pm

Great way to portray your hexagon! I'm impressed!

Ms. Weiss
03/12/2012 7:03am

You should be proud of yourself; you have done a lot to prevent bulling, both in the school and in your artwork. Nice job!

Emily K
03/21/2012 8:16am

I really like this! The color pops and it shows what bullying is really like.


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