This was my book of hexagons. My first issue was having to do with the struggle and problem of war. It depicted a fallen soldiers belongings. For the book of hexagons I drew a solution to war. I used pen and ink to draw the four main branches of the military and their emblem: the U.S. Army, the Air Force, the Navy, and the Marines. Of course, there are many more branches of the military like the coast guard and ect.. I chose the four most popular branches that would be familiar with everyone.
You may be thinking, “ These people don’t stop the war. They are what start the war!” but this is wrong. They are sent in to other places that think the only way to solve their problem is to attack someone. These people help finish up what these other countries have started. They are the good guys that want to stop the war as soon as possible.
In the two remaining hexagons on the outsides are full of quotes about the horridness of war. One of my favorite quotes on the hexagon is, “ An eye for and eye makes the whole world blind.” -Gandhi
The middle box is very personal to me. My friends brother-in-law, who was like a brother of my own, went in the Marines and was deported to Afghanistan. He was shot and killed there. This was his emblem. They were Darkhorse ⅗ and their “slogan” was “Get Some”.


Emily K
03/21/2012 8:19am

The black and white works really with your topic. The drawings are also really good!

03/21/2012 8:50am

I love how you did your hexagon in black and white it really made a statement instead of color


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