Frank Storniolo                 SAVE OUR SPECIES
    The world-wide significance of my concern is that too many animals are becoming extinct from previously being one of the 5,689 species that are now endangered. Five-thousand plus is too many animals out of the world that are being life-threatened every day. I found out that over ten-thousand species are
vulnerable to becoming endangered. For example, the panda bear has been
endangered for a long period of time now. Their homes are being threatened in
China and some are being killed to eat.
    My hexagon is important to me because I love animals. Animals that are being
threatened every day make me mad because these innocent  animals are being killed for no apparent reason. There are laws in the  U.S that say we can't hunt
certain animals in certain months and/or seasons or hunt them at all because they are becoming extinct before our very eyes. Some people have been disobeying these laws just for hides or for tusks that are rare. Well I say that everybody should follow the laws so we can have animals for longer time to learn more about them as they start to migrate or change over time.
    The media I used to create my hexagon was colored pencils, pictures of endangered
animals, and SAVE OUR SPECIES in bold letters to emphasize that we the people
have to stop and think before we act upon shooting an animal if it is for greed
or for money. The light blue background mainly refers to the U.S.A’s symbol, the
American Bald Eagle. I wanted the light blue to refer to the vast blue in the
sky that the Bald Eagle flies in. It represents that the Bald Eagle should be
free and have rights to not be endangered. The pictures represent some of the
animals that are endangered today. The bold letters represent that the whole
world should stop and help to SAVE OUR SPECIES.

Ben M
10/7/2012 04:18:52 am

The pictures of the endangered species makes me want to save them, and your commentary is motivational.

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 11:56:45 am

Frank, great information on poaching. Nice job.


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