Isabella M.

Pollution is a horrible problem because it occurs all over the world. 1 million birds, 300,000 dolphins, 100000 sea mammals and turtle die every year from pollution. Some companies like Dawn Soap help the clean up from BP oil spill. BP is also donating money and helping people get jobs back, even though the oil spill is there fault.

Laws are being made everywhere to stop air pollution and what is going into the ocean. Also many schools and organizations are helping pollution.

My hexagon shows a duck covered in oil because it ocean has oil in it. I melted crayon for the oil. There is also a fish net to show there is a lot of trash in the ocean. Lastly there is a person crying white crayon that I melted.

Caroline H
10/6/2012 02:26:49 pm

I liked how you put a net on your hexagon to show that there is garbage in the ocean!


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