Littering By: Austin R.

Littering is when some sort of trash isn't properly thrown away and is left somewhere. The trash that has been left over can enter rivers and lakes where we might get our water from. The polluted water could kill many people as well as animals. To prevent littering people have made trash cans more noticeable and even have went gathering trash from the past. Trash such as styrofoam and plastics can last up to 1 million years before decaying so it is important to pick it up and throw it away if you see any! I chose this topic because I noticed a lot of litter when I was in downtown Chicago. They say that a lot of the littering takes place in more populated cities. However, I still think they should bring attention to the larger cities rather than more rural areas.
I chose to decorate my hexagon with bright colors because it seems to grab peoples’ attention. I used the color green because to me a clean world is a green world. I also put animals and a tree in because now those things can live without harm. Lastly I named my hexagon “Live clean= Litter free.”

I put a globe on a tree and animals in the background to show how much better and longer the world would last without littering. For all we know littering is only hurting us because you don’t know if that piece of trash will hurt an animal or harm other people. Its worth those 2 extra steps to through your trash away.

Alex G
10/8/2012 11:05:33 am

I like the picture of the panda

Colin K.
10/8/2012 07:35:04 pm

Awesome picture. The Earth on a tree was a good idea.

P.S. The panda is awesome.

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 07:58:35 pm

Austin, I really liked how you described how your trip to Chicago inspired you to depict this topic.


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