Colin K.

I drew the art on my hexagon, and named it “Hot Stuff”. Global warming is an issue that should be recognized by everybody around the world. Antarctica has lost more than 24 cubic miles of ice each year since 2002. The ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica are responsible for 99.5% of the Earth’s land ice. If these ice sheets melt, they can raise the sea level by around 64 meters. If the seal level rises, it can put multiple places underwater, including New Orleans and Manhattan. Many people have decided to take a stand, and try to use alternative energy. Some alternative energy sources are solar energy, wind energy, and nuclear energy. Global warming is an important issue to view because if the people do not stop polluting, someday their family members will be sleeping with the fishes. And i’m sure that isn’t what many people want. Not only can people’s lives get taken by the rising sea level, but also many habitats of animals, such as the polar bear.
In my hexagon, I drew a hand holding the earth. The earth is on fire in this picture, symbolizing the rise in temperature. I also drew a solar panel, and a wind turbine. I drew these two things because they show two alternative energy sources that could be used instead of energy sources that pollute the air, such as coal and oil energy. Global warming needs to stop. The sooner that happens, the sooner we save the earth.

Charlie C.
10/8/2012 07:36:24 pm

I like your drawing of the hand holding the hot earth because that really shows what global warming is like.

Asher O.
10/8/2012 09:17:10 pm

I like your drawing because it shows how bad global warming is.

Hanna B.
10/8/2012 09:28:07 pm

I agree with your commentary and hexagon. They help explain the severity of global warming. Good job Colin!

Zach G.
10/12/2012 01:03:26 pm

I like how the picture is described in the description.

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 07:21:27 pm

Colin, very clever title, and your facts really helps people see how serious this is.


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