Ashley J.
In America, a rough 750,000 men, women, and children are without a home on any night. Approximately, 3.5 million people in America experience homelessness within a years time. Many elements were used to create my hexagon. I used dark colors of paint for the buildings. I chose dark paint because homelessness is not a positive concept. I used aluminum foil for a shopping cart because I have seen homeless people who transport their things this way. All of these items were apart of my way to show how bad homelessness is affecting the world. I used glitter, glitter glue, and pastel sharpies to show that there are things being done to demolish try to homelessness. I painted homeless people because they show how bad the economy has gotten and are the ones being affected by homelessness. I also painted a food pantry to show that people are helping the homeless. Things that are helping the homeless are shelters, food pantries, and also supportive housing. I added newspaper on my hexagon to show how big of a problem homelessness is becoming. In the news, they have all of the major news, and homelessness is becoming a major problem. Homelessness affects so many people all over the world. It is difficult for people who are homeless to get proper health care, rest, food, shelter, being clean and staying warm . Most of these things we take advantage of, for homeless people probably  taking a shower is luxury. This problem affects me because I want the world to improve. Even donating a few things can make a difference.

Sammi M.
10/12/2012 03:48:40 am

Your artwork is amazing! Your description really supports your topic!

Katy M
10/12/2012 03:52:00 am

I really liked the way you painted everything in dark colors. It represents how the topic is negative.

Adeline D.
10/12/2012 03:59:46 am

I really liked that your colors well represented your topic and how the sparkles and light colors represented the good with trying to get rid of some slavery. I also like the look of the art you made!

Nick P
10/16/2012 02:33:19 am

i like how your picture is 3D nice writing too

Demi T.
10/19/2012 12:33:05 am

I like how it looks 3D

Jennifer S
10/23/2012 01:34:48 am

I love how yours looks 3D, it gives it a nice effect. Good Job!


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