"Stop Child Abuse"

    The issue I chose to depict was Child Abuse. The media I used to create my hexagon was colored pencils, a printed image, 3D glitter paint, glue, blue glitter, and sharpies (red and black). This issue is very important because the children who actually survive their beatings grow up and face more problems. 25% of abused children are more likely to experience teen pregnancy. More than 2/3’s of people in drug abuse treatment were abused as a child. 14% of all men in prison in the USA were abused as a child. 36% of women in prison were abused as children. They are the lucky ones, the teen parents, the criminals, and the addicts have survived their abuse. More than five children die per day due to abuse. The survivors can also go on to abuse their own children. 30% of abused kids become abusive parents. This issue is very important to me because I love children and feel that all children should be loved and not abused or neglected. I used the colors of purple, red and blue because purple shows how dark of an issue this is. The red symbolizes the pain these children experience on a daily basis. The blue represents the sadness of this issue. I used the glitter paint to symbolize blood that these children shed everyday. I also added text/ questions to make people think and make a lasting impression that will leave them wanting to know more and help the children.  Nicole C.

Rebecca M.
10/3/2012 08:16:12 am

Oh my gosh this is SO SAD! Nice job(: This is sad that 30% of abused kids become abusive parents. It's like a vicious cycle! How could anyone beat a child? They're so cute! This piece of art really leaves an impression, Nicole! GREAT JOB!! (:

Carly Glassman
10/18/2012 10:05:02 pm

Good job Nicole it really shows the issue! great details just AMAZING!


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