What my picture is about is child abuse. I chose this topic because the suffering of children who have been abused have to suffer and be afraid at home. The pictures I chose were the most sad pictures I found of child abuse. They were all tragic because of the effects of child abuse were horrible. My issue is a negative topic because it is about children who are abused. We need to stop this madness because children are the next generation that will make big things and if you don’t respect them and give them education and health are generation could cause lots of depression.

Children all over the world are getting abused daily, we have to put a stop to this madness. Did you know that every 10 seconds child abuse is reported. Also every year their is over 3 million reports of child abuse made. In 2005 899,000 children were victims of child abuse. In order to stop child abuse we need more people to give speeches on it to address this horrible issue. Every 6 hours one child dies from child abuse, that is just sick. Recently, we have had found out who has abused their child or a child and they got arrested and the kids weren’t abused anymore. Most of the kids who have died from child abuse are under the age of 5. Most reasons for child abuse is the alcoholic or drugs the parent uses. I believe that we should stop child abuse because this generation is are next source of wiseness and can change our life in many ways on how we live it because they will control are government when older and they could change it on how they lived it as a kid which could be bad.

Jason C
10/9/2012 07:44:15 am

I like the way that you took each letter in abuse and turned it into a word. It is amazing that every ten seconds a child is abused.

Jimmy I
10/9/2012 10:52:56 am

your hexagon is great, it is really sad that every 10 seconds, a child is abused

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 11:33:27 am

Luke, you used great facts in your commentary. Not only did you depict your issue well, but you also educated the rest of your classmates. Nice job!


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