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Olivia S.
Worldwide Pollution
I used paint, colored pencils, colored pencil sticks, and chalk.
We know that pollution affects us all, and it is such a big problem that we think we as individuals can’t do anything to help. 65% of drinking water comes from rivers and streams, but 40% of rivers and streams in the United States are too polluted for fishing and swimming. Over 80% of marine pollution comes from land-based activities, which affects our drinking water as well as animals’ homes.
I used black paint to represent the oil spills, and how they affected wildlife. In the background, I drew a skyline in black chalk and smeared it to show how our pollution and smoke is still in the air we breath. I covered the recycle-logo in the black chalk to show how our efforts still aren’t enough.


Sara O
02/29/2012 9:12am

The artwork was very thought-out, and the dark colors mad me think about how the animals are impacted by oil spills too. It made me think about how we as humans should take care of our mistakes.

Zhenlie S
02/29/2012 9:26am

I really like your drawing. I can see the air was polluted; the ocean is being polluted. It's a really neat hexagon project!

02/29/2012 9:48am

I think your hexagon is really good because the colors you used really showed how dark and gloomy i really is and I liked how u drew the seal! good job!! :-)

Julia M.
03/01/2012 8:53am

I really like that you chose to use dark colors because it had a big affect and showed how pollution is making everything foggy and dark. Great job!

Alli B.
03/02/2012 8:58am

I love the seal its adorable! and I like how it shows how the oil affected it.

Megan K.
03/02/2012 9:10am

This is wonderful work! The way you represented the issue and the facts get you thinking about the problem. Good job!

03/02/2012 9:18am

i think this shows how oil spill is effecting our wildlife. also good job on the seal!

Micaela R.
03/08/2012 6:10pm

I think your hexagon is great! I like how you made everything darker like the buildings, sky, and seal. It really gets the problem oil spills are causing across.


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    Emily Erickson Cook

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    I teach middle school art in the suburban Chicago area. This project has allowed my eighth grade students to confront global issues and to have an artistic voice that expresses their concerns and passions that one day just might change the world.

    Amy Weiss

    Global Perspectives Teacher
    World History, U.S. History, and Social Studies Endorsed
    Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed

    I teach with Emily Cook in a Chicago suburban school. While my students have learned about global issues in the past, this project allowed them to see that these are not problems that people in other places in the world have to deal with, but rather, that these are world problems, and since we all have a civic responsibility to the world, these are our problems too.


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