Michelle C.

“Without a Home, Without Love”

              To create my artwork I used sharpie markers and colored pencils. Also, I used a pencil for shading, and sparkles to draw attention to the tears. This issue affects the world because when there is an issue for one person, we make it the issue for all of us. There are many homeless people in the world and a lot of people are trying to help those in need. This issue is important to me because I see a lot of homeless people in Chicago and I can’t bear to be put in their place. I feel really bad for them because a lot of them are helpless. Another reason why this is an important issue to me is because I help out at the P.A.D.S site a lot. Usually I help set up and one time I got to serve the food. When I did they all looked so thankful, but at the same time they looked really sad. To symbolize the issue I wrote a lot of questions and quotes to make the person looking at it really think about this issue. Also I drew some signs, a lot of the ideas for the signs were from signs that I have seen before in my life. More images that I chose to draw were of sad homeless people,  this was to show the sadness in their faces and the conditions they have to walk around in. The colors I chose were mostly blues and purples to show sadness, but I also had a variety of colors besides those.

This piece of artwork shows how we can all come together to help the homeless. It shows how it only takes a little hope from all of us, including the place already helping, like PADS, food pantries, and exc. It also shows how a little donation can go a really far way and help more people than you think. From personal experiences I know that when you work at the PADS cite you will really reach out and touch a lot of helpless hearts that just need a little help to get them back on their way. They want a home just as much as we enjoy ours, and they need a warm meal just as much as you and me. Sadly they can’t always get things like these. Therefore, my piece is trying to show that all you have to do is give a little love to others and pass it on. 


Mrs. Cook
02/14/2012 10:29am

Michelle I really enjoyed hearing how you are involved in serving the poor and doing your part to address the issue of homelessness. Your artwork is a meaningful statement to your involvement. Good for you.


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    Emily Erickson Cook

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    I teach middle school art in the suburban Chicago area. This project has allowed my eighth grade students to confront global issues and to have an artistic voice that expresses their concerns and passions that one day just might change the world.

    Amy Weiss

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    I teach with Emily Cook in a Chicago suburban school. While my students have learned about global issues in the past, this project allowed them to see that these are not problems that people in other places in the world have to deal with, but rather, that these are world problems, and since we all have a civic responsibility to the world, these are our problems too.


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