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Children in Africa and all over the world are being used as child soldiers to psychologically damage enemy soldiers because they are forced to shoot an innocent child. Child soldiers are easily obtained because they can be captured from villages with minimum effort. They are then given drugs and alcohol so that they will obey any order that the commanding officer has said to execute. This has impacted many innocent children who are fighting against their will. Organizations such as Invisible Children, and Child Soldiers International are using there resources to help the former child soldiers that have fought and been injured. The issue of child soldiers is important to me because I have grown up so privileged and have been raised into such a great society. When I look at some of the pictures and real-life stories of what these children have had to grow up in is completely unacceptable.

The map of Africa shows where child soldiers is most prevalent. The child crying shows how sad and unfair being forced to fight truly is. The media I used to make this piece of work was paper, pictures, and Construction paper. I chose this media because it clearly showed how Africa is one of the main places in the world that child soldiers are being used for. Also the colors red and black stand for the darkness of the issue and how much blood shed has happened to the children that are being used.


02/29/2012 9:07am

I like how you made your artwork simple and to the point. It really showed how it was about children in Africa.

02/29/2012 9:10am

i think the simplicity of your hexagon showed the issue really well. the drawing is good and well presented.

02/29/2012 9:43am

I think the pictures really prove our point of world hunger.

Megan D
02/29/2012 9:51am

I really like how you put the cut out of Africa. The picture not only shows the problem but where it is located.

Maciek L
02/29/2012 10:07am

I really like how simple you made your hexagon. The cut out of Afric made me think that your problem is most common in Africa. The picture of the child soldier made me get a clear picture of what is actually happening.

Ms. Weiss
03/12/2012 12:12pm

I think that your classmates are right on; the simplicity of it is great. You were able to say a lot with very little.


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