Violence is a terrible. Every year it takes more than 1.5 million people world- wide. Of this number, 50% is due to suicide, 35% to homicide, and over 12% as a direct result of war or conflict. There are many kinds of violence. Verbal, nonverbal, physical, social, sexual, economic and psychological are just some of them. An offender can be anyone, a friend, a random stranger, even a loved one or spouse. In 2005, 389,100 women were victimized by a spouse. Violence is caused mostly by psychological problems, jealously, behavioral problems, social theories, mental illnesses, gender aspects of abuse, and marital conflict disorder. An article states that the tendency for rates of violent crime and homicide to be higher where there is more inequality is part of a more general tendency. This is saying that violence tends to be higher where inequality is more common. I think people have a right to be safe and that people should not hurt other people. This is why violence is important to me. I believe that no one should ever be abused and anyone who is an abuser should go to jail. In my Hexagon I used red and black watercolors on white because they bold colors would stand out. I made a red stop sign with guns coming out of the side. Underneath the sign it says the violence. There are bullet holes around the stop sign and some of them have blood splatters. Above and below the sign there are all sorts of words in black and red relating to violence. I hope that this will help people understand how terrible violence really is and become more aware of it.


Mira N
03/08/2012 9:38am

this is really good kristina!

Cassidy S.
03/08/2012 10:14am

I love it! The colors contrast beautifully and it really stands out! This is one of those works of art that I can't stop staring at!

Mrs. Cook
03/12/2012 12:07pm

This work is very powerful and will make anyone who sees it stop and take notice of your issue. Thank you for addressing this topic!

03/21/2012 8:05am

Wow Kristina that is really good i like how you did the words!

Geoffrey P
03/21/2012 8:16am

I like how you listed the words that describe different types of violence. It makes the drawing seem rugged and brings the mood through.

Emily B
03/21/2012 8:22am

I liked how you positioned all of the words and the colors

Amy K
03/21/2012 8:48am

I LOVE how the words stand out in your hexagon. The colors you used too really have to do with the issue! Great job!


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