Pollution Before It Stops Us
By: Heather P.
    Air Pollution is a big problem all over the world, from China’s big factories to the United States cutting down trees, and every country contributes in making the
ozone layer smaller and smaller. “Stop Pollution Before It Stops Us,” means stop
pollution before it kills all of us. This issue is very important to me because,
in 2004 I went to China with my parents to adopt my little sister, and when I
was there I experienced how bad the pollution was. The air was so muggy in some places that I could hardly breathe. So I want to try and make a difference to
help the people in China that have to live with that gruesome air everyday. 
    In my artwork, I am showing that there is a huge factory right next to a school. In one of the school’s windows there is a very small flower. The size of the flower shows that there is so much pollution, flowers can’t grow any larger, and there isn’t any other greenery in sight. Also, I drew two girls trying to play soccer, but with the pollution so thick, the two girls can barely see each other. And the pollution is making them cough consistently. If there was not a factory there, the girls would be healthy and happily playing soccer. And with no factory there, trees and plants would grow which would help eliminate carbon dioxide and pollution, and not contribute to the problem like the factory.


Faye B.
03/04/2012 5:08pm

I liked your black clouds in your hexagon. It is very creative! Awesome job!!!

Charlotte M.
03/04/2012 7:14pm

I liked the quote you came up with. It showed the concern is even greater than most would think. I also loved your clouds! They were really different and creative! You did an awesome job!

Ms. Weiss
03/12/2012 7:05am

I like the way every detail showed the effects of pollution- right down to the flower. Good job!

juana s
03/21/2012 8:28am

i really liked how you expressed your feeling and the picture .


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