Acid rain is a problem all over the world. It is one contributor that negatively reinforces the unhealthy problem of pollution. Sometimes acid rain can be something we don’t think we are contributing to, but we can be every day of our lives. Two thirds of the sulfer dioxide and one forth of the nitrogen oxides contained in acid rain comes from burning fossil fuels in the U.S. alone. Data shows that the PH of acid rain is 4.3. Keep in mind that pure water has a PH of 7.0. However, there are little things we can do to prevent these problems. We use our cars almost everyday; just by using alternative energy sources to run them, like batteries, can help.  

Prevention of acid rain is important to the world. I love what Mother Nature has left us on our beautiful and only Earth. It is important to me that we preserve that beauty we have, not only for the environment, but for the sake of our own health.

I chose to divide my hexagon in half. On the top half, I drew acid rain affecting a flower. It is has dark colors and is in all black and white. The flower is wilting. On the other half, I drew clean rain and a healthy flower, with pleasant and colors. The flowers not only represent what acid rain can do to nature and our environment, but to ourselves.  I also wrote a few lines of poetry on my hexagon, to support that path of the flower in a different representation: The flower is wilting, but we can help it.  I used colored pencil in my artwork because they give it detail, dimension, color, and a soft look.


03/01/2012 9:36am

You did a very good job. You should be proud of this.

Julia M.
03/02/2012 3:37pm

You did a really great job on the artwork! I like how you split it in two parts and made one part really dark and one really bright, to represent the issue. It had a great affect!

Olivia S.
03/07/2012 9:17am

The words in the picture have a very lovely affect on your beautiful artwork. It's fabulous!

Ms. Weiss
03/12/2012 8:58am

This is an amazing representation of your issue. You are a very talented artist! Excellent work!


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