Molly K              "Raining Hunger"  

I used pencil, sharpie, and pictures from the Internet to make my hexagon.
My hexagon is on world hunger because i find it very sad the every 5 seconds an Innocent child dies from a hunger related problem. This is important to me because i believe nobody deserves to die for a necessity they can’t obtain.
In my work I drew an all black figure because the black shows how he is becoming just a shadow because he is so hungry. In his stomach I drew a heart because it shows he was so hungry he ate his own broken heart. Another person who looked just like him was laying on the ground dead, from starvation. Also it is raining pictures oh hungry people and it shows how there are millions of drops in a rainstorm like the millions of starving people in the world, but with a little help from other people, we can turn this into a rainbow. I also wrote about how people complain the food they eat. I wrote this because people do not appreciate the food they get! The people that are starving would kill for the half of the big mac you just threw away because it has “to many calories” or “ew!, that tastes like cardboard!” See? When your mom says people in “China   would kill you just to have your broccoli” and you say “Then lets put it in an envelope and send it to them!” Think twice because they really would.

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Sara O
02/29/2012 9:09am

The fact that you put a lot of your opinion made the information seem really important, and it made a big impact on me.

Mack G.
02/29/2012 9:43am

I like how you portrayed the child as shadow because it really shows how the child is slowly dieing of a hunger related disease.

Megan D
02/29/2012 9:49am

I really like your picture. It really simbolizes the problem and i really like the creative twist you added to it!! :)

Jenny S.
03/01/2012 9:56am

i love your picture it really portrays the problem!

Lizzie L.
03/05/2012 9:15am

I Like how they are like tear drops.

Ms. Weiss
03/12/2012 12:15pm

It was incredibly creative to cut the starving children into rain drops. It deepens the sadness. Great job!


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