Dennis Gainulin's hexagon

I drew the world made up of little stick people and that they are falling off the Earth symbolizing overpopulation and an overcrowded world. I also drew the population trend and on the line of the trend, I drew a train with two carriages carrying World Resources and Food, and the train is symbolizing the little train that could and he is trying to get up the line graph which is going all the way up and the train needs to give the food to us. This symbolizes the limitation of resources later on when the world gets overcrowded and overpopulation.

Overpopulation is mainly an issue in India and China where the density is 73,550 people per square mile. There is, however a way to stop this. In China the government has a policy that they enforce which is called the One Child Policy that restricts Chinese families to have more than one child in order to slow the population down but this won’t help later in the future. This policy may be working out for now, but once there are more families then that defeat the purpose of having a policy like that.


Ms. Weiss
03/12/2012 7:00am

I really liked the way you depicted overpopulation with people falling off of the world. Very nice artwork.


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    Emily Erickson Cook

    _National Board Certified Art Teacher
    Technology Specialist Endorsed
    Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed

    I teach middle school art in the suburban Chicago area. This project has allowed my eighth grade students to confront global issues and to have an artistic voice that expresses their concerns and passions that one day just might change the world.

    Amy Weiss

    Global Perspectives Teacher
    World History, U.S. History, and Social Studies Endorsed
    Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed

    I teach with Emily Cook in a Chicago suburban school. While my students have learned about global issues in the past, this project allowed them to see that these are not problems that people in other places in the world have to deal with, but rather, that these are world problems, and since we all have a civic responsibility to the world, these are our problems too.


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