Hannah M.
“One Earth”

        The media I used was oil pastels and tissue paper to illustrate nature conservation.  I chose this because I thought that oil pastels would be good to illustrate the leaves falling down.  I tried to show that trees are being cut down.  The leaves were falling into the tissue paper which represents a fire.  

        The worldwide impact of this issue is that people are cutting down trees all around the world.  Many habitats and homes are being torn down.  Forests give animals shade, shelter, food, water, and a home.  This isn’t fair to all the animals whose homes are being torn down.  Not just trees, but nature is being destroyed.  For example, water and pollution are also the main causes of this.  We have one earth to enjoy and in order to enjoy it we need to take care of it.  Some organizations such as WWF and nature conservancy are trying to perserve nature.  They are doing many things like showing people how to live a greener life and showing them to balance people with nature.  Also kids are taking part in special days like Global Youth Service Day and many others to try to make the world a better place to live in.  Everyone can help with this by recycling and not polluting.  I know I wouldn’t like it if someone destroyed my home and made it unsafe for me to live in.  

       I am trying to illustrate that leaves are falling which represents trees being cut down.  The leaves are falling into the fire which represents people burning forests.  This symbolizes my issue because people are ruining nature such as forests.   


Maggie R
03/05/2012 3:57pm

hi hannah! i absolutely love your hexagon! you did an awesome job showing the issue of nature conservation.

Lauren A.
03/06/2012 7:34pm

I liked how you used different color tissue paper to represent the fire. It made your hexagon look 3-D.

Ms. Weiss
03/12/2012 12:32pm

Great symbolism! Nice job!


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