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The world wide impact of lack of education is that kids may be not be educated, and if they live in poverty they may never get out of it. They will end up living the same life their parents did. To improve this issue teachers are improving, schools are being built, and schools around the world are donating school supplies to the kids that don’t have any.This is important to me because I feel that if you want to succeed in life you need to have an education in order to do so.  Without an education I don’t think you can succeed in life, or at least, not go as far.

In my work of art I symbolized my issue by interpreting a portion of education by writing what the picture symbolizes. I also used color to make it seem like the kids in Africa will have a good life if they get the education they need.


Collin L
03/02/2012 9:54am

Nice job on extending your idea.

michael o
03/02/2012 9:57am

that is a good picture nice job

Ms. Weiss
03/12/2012 8:49am

I really liked how you expressed the importance of education in your writing on the hexagon.

Thomas ladd
03/19/2012 4:39pm

I like what you wrote, very well written.


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    I teach with Emily Cook in a Chicago suburban school. While my students have learned about global issues in the past, this project allowed them to see that these are not problems that people in other places in the world have to deal with, but rather, that these are world problems, and since we all have a civic responsibility to the world, these are our problems too.


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