Sakina D

I used google images to find pictures of children without enough food. I used this to put the pictures of them on top of the garbage to show that there are people who have to struggle a lot for food. 
There are many of people in this world that need to dig through garbage to find something to eat so they don’t starve to death. Specifically in America, there are 13 million children are hungry. There are also people that have so much food that they can’t eat it so it ends up being thrown away. I believe that the people who are more fortunate than others should share the food that is left over with the other people who aren't as privileged. This hexagon is important to me because, it shows people how hard getting food is for some people, that they would even eat food from the garbage.
My hexagon is a painting of hungry children going through the garbage dump in order to search for something to eat. I used different dark water paint colors and covered the ground of the painting to make it look like garbage. I also cut out pictures of starving children to put them there to show that there are people that have search through garbage to find food.


03/05/2012 9:36am

It really turned out well, I like the stars and the way you placed the people starving.It ties together really well,Great job Sakina!

Shannon Smith
03/05/2012 10:02am

I like the colors and pictures you used.

Michael D.
03/05/2012 3:54pm

I think you did a good job on your art work it shows the problem clearly

Mrs. Johansson
03/07/2012 7:39am

This is an issue that really makes me sad! I am so glad you chose this topic. I loved the way you sent such a strong message through your art work! Beautiful job!!!!!!!

03/07/2012 9:35am

i like the colors you used!

Ms. Weiss
03/12/2012 7:02am

I like the way you used real pictures of children on top of your painted garbage. It really makes your artwork stand out. Nice job!

03/19/2012 5:39am

I like the colors you used on your hexagon!!!


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