The significant issues involved in homelessness is that they have no home, and no money to get necessary items to live. Images that come to my mind concerning homelessness, are people starving, out alone in the rain, and freezing. Symbols that I could use to illustrate the concern could be a tent they live in, a bench they sleep on, or a cardboard poster that they make.
To describe the issue the colors I would use would be dark colors, browns, and blues.
In my picture I would put the words, “Stop Homelessness”. The type of media I would use to decorate my hexagon would be colored pencils to give it some color and make neater marks.  
My Commentary:   Name: Megan W.
Name of Artwork: Homelessness Strikes

   Homelessness strikes Media used: Colored Pencils

Explain the world and why it’s important to you: The problem with homelessness is that people are out in the cold, sick and dieing with no necessary items for living. This is horrible because their lives are spent out in the cold dieng and alone, while we don’t even spare them a few cents.
because people are out in the cold, sick and dieing. This is horrible because their lives are ending too early from no food and we are just wasting it and no one should be left to die!
What I did to symbolize the issue: I used dark colors, I put a tent in it, a starving puppy, and a rain cloud to represent them being left in the rain, starved and alone.


Faimy S.
02/29/2012 9:22am

The picture in the hexagon is so good! It really shows the issue how homelessness is a very bad situation. Also your description made me know how bad this situation really is.

Billy A.
02/29/2012 9:52am

Excellent drawing. It helped show how serious this issue is.

Marcelina K
03/02/2012 9:47am

Great drawing! Your description explained the situation well too!

Heather P.
03/04/2012 4:18pm

I love the dog in the backround! And nice job with the rain drops! :D

03/05/2012 9:53am

I like the drawing. It really shows a lot of detail.


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