A lot of people today can’t accept other people for who they are and I believe this is a significant issue to address. This is really important to me because I don't think it is fair for someone to wake up knowing they will may be judged or ridiculed for who they are. I think we should celebrate the fact that we get to learn about people who are different from us. Everyone is unique; therefore, diversity should be celebrated. In order to portray this in my hexagon, I used multiple colors and different items to represent the differences in all of us. I made my hexagon abstract because I think we’re all different and in some ways all of us are abstract. The items I used to create this hexagon were oil pastels, pipe cleaners, scraps of paper, a nail, fluff, glitter, and magazine cuttings.


Hannah S.
03/08/2012 9:30am

I like how you did a bunch of random materials and drew all different things because it really shows your issue of diversity.

Ms. Weiss
03/12/2012 12:30pm

What I really like about your hexagon is that each item you used may look different on its own, but put together in your hexagon, it all works- they become interconnected. :)


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    I teach middle school art in the suburban Chicago area. This project has allowed my eighth grade students to confront global issues and to have an artistic voice that expresses their concerns and passions that one day just might change the world.

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    I teach with Emily Cook in a Chicago suburban school. While my students have learned about global issues in the past, this project allowed them to see that these are not problems that people in other places in the world have to deal with, but rather, that these are world problems, and since we all have a civic responsibility to the world, these are our problems too.


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