Nick S.
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All over the world, and I mean everywhere, there is financial trouble and poverty. The first thing you need if you're not living in the wild is money. Without money you could starve, die of thirst, develop a disease, lose your possessions in natural disasters or debt, or be unable to pay your mortgage to keep your house. People in Africa, or even in the United States die of hunger or thirst because they can’t afford food or water. People in urban areas lose their houses because they cannot pay their mortgage. People die because they can’t pay the hospital bill or buy medicine to cure themselves. People lose their jobs because their company can’t pay them enough money. People even die because natural disasters take away everything they have. This is important to me because it shows how much people in the present day really have to rely on a job and money. Money supplies people with everything, and if you don’t have enough, you’re on your own.

The media I used in my work of art was colored pencils and a black marker. The colors I chose made each individual part of my issue stand out. Also, I divided the hexagon in four equal parts, and put a letter of the word help in each part of the hexagon to show all the issues. This makes people have to look at the whole hexagon instead of just the center or the edges. I used symbols and pictures to depict each quadrant’s issue, the first being debt or mortgage, to the right hunger, below natural disasters, and to the left medicine, disease, and the hospital.


Kevin G.
03/10/2013 7:37pm

I like how you used 4 different sections to represent different categories of things that people are not able to afford.

Ms. Weiss
03/14/2013 10:32am

Nick, I really liked the way you showed the effect of poverty and debt in four different scenarios. This will allow more people to connect to the issue. Great job!


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