Alex V.

World Hunger

Currently there are 7 billion starving people in the world. Each year 13 to 18 million people who are starving will die. All over the world, on every continent, there are people starving. In Eastern Africa hunger occurs the most frequently. Here 35% or more of people are experiencing hunger.  Many people are trying to end world hunger by creating groups that will put an to world hunger. Groups such as the WFP and Feed My Starving Children are trying to do just this. The WFP is raising money to feed as many children as the can. As for Feed My Starving Children, they are sending hand-packed meals to 70 countries in the world that feed the starving children in need. This is important to me because I think that every person in the world should not be hungry. It is not ok to be hungry because it is a very bad feeling.
I chose this topic because being hungry is something that no one should be. I thought this would be easy to explain in the world. In my project I represented the globe and how hunger is affected by every place around the world. I also put a graph of how world hunger has increased since 1969-2010. Using the quotes of the people that are hungry and how many people die each year represents how harsh world hunger is. Another photo I chose was hungry children who need food. I chose this picture because they are in need of food. Lastly I have a picture of an empty plate for the people who don’t have any food to eat.


Morgan S.
03/10/2013 2:51pm

This is amazing! I loved how you showed the statistics and described theirs conditions.

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 11:40am

The graph you chose was a great addition. It really helped you illustrate how severe the problem is.


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