Delaney H.

Here in America, we are sometimes unaware of the happenings going on all over our globe. That is why the woman in my hexagon is clearly represented on the earth. Her outline created by a black ink pen, and the earth is created by colored pencils. We take for granted the freedom we have in America. Women here can vote, pick their spouse, and are given the opportunity for an exceptional education. In many countries in the middle east, none of those options are available for women. That is why I used sharpie to boldly represent the good and bad things that are happening in the middle east. While many organizations, and people are taking a stand for women, even just telling one person about the status of women in the middle east could help. The thought of not having control over your own basic rights sickens me.  I hope that even a small project can in some way affect someone else, and create a chain reaction to help those in need.


03/04/2013 1:46pm

I really like how you used words to express your issue. Also, I really like the picture of the women is on the globe. Your a really good artist!

Connor R.
03/06/2013 3:45pm

I liked all the words you used and the picture of the woman in the globe ,very nice.

Colleen H
03/07/2013 6:06pm

Your hexagon really stood out to me. I loved how you used words and a drawing to represent your issue. I also strongly agree with your issue, middle east women do deserve better rights. I liked how you showed all the different rights they hope to get in the future. Way to go :)

Katy M.
03/07/2013 7:42pm

I really loved your hexagon. Your picture of the woman is AMAZING! You are a really great artist! I can tell that you worked hard on it! Great job!

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 12:23pm

Delaney, this is a very powerful piece of artwork. I am also glad that you discussed our ignorance here in the United States.


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