Morgan C.
Depression, Suicide, Anger, Poor Health, Eating Disorders, Misery, and Sadness are just a few of the endless problems that come along with child abuse. Child abuse is a worldwide issue that can ruin an innocent child's life in seconds. I chose to illustrate this problem because I believe that children have so much to live for and they are our future, but their lives are ruined by one person. The name of my hexagon is “Who Will Save The Children” because we all need to help the stopping of child abuse to keep children safe. There are things that may help some children who were abused, but others are scarred for the rest if their life. To show this problem I used images from the internet because I believed that they showed the real feeling of the children. I used the quote “More than bruises are left behind” to symbolize the importance of stopping child abuse in order to help ensure that children are always safe. Even though many people are trying to stop child abuse, it is still occurring. Child Abuse America is a well known group that is trying to stop child abuse. They are trying to find the abusers and any ways that they can stop them.  Children all around the world need our help, so we need to give our part to stop the abuse.


Samantha G.
03/11/2013 5:32pm

You put so many touching pictures on your hexagon I think it looks very attention grabbing and changes people's feelings about how many children go through this and how the children look after being abused.

MacKenzie D
03/14/2013 7:38pm

I really liked how you did a bunch of different pictures of abuse, it really showed how the children feel about abuse. i also liked how you started your paragraph off with different examples. It made me want to read more, Great job!

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 12:33pm

The many children's faces really made this a powerful piece of artwork. Nice job!


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