Jack S.

War is a big problem in the world today.  Many deaths, life changing injuries, and disappearances are the result of war.  Loved ones to all kinds of people all over the world are being lost because of this worldwide problem.  My hexagon shows pictures of people at war fighting for what they believe in and putting their lives on the line.

All over my hexagon I put splatters of blood.  When I think of war I think of people dying.  Unfortunately many deaths in battle are bloody so that is why I put red all over my hexagon.

There is also a quote on my hexagon stating that “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”  This means that people who have died will no longer see war because they are dead, and people who are alive will never see the end of the war because countries will never all be able to agree on everything. People who have died are the only people that will no longer see war.

I chose to pick the topic of War because I can connect to it.  Both of my grandpas fought in wars.  One in Vietnam and one in World War II.  I know that war can lead to terrible things that affect people in it greatly.


Marco T
03/07/2013 4:13pm

Very nice job! I like how you had some interesting pictures!

Ben C.
03/07/2013 5:08pm

I like how you put in the part about the loved ones. It really makes me think about what those people are going through.

Morgan C.
03/11/2013 4:26pm

I really liked how you used the splattered red paint because I think it helps portray a stronger message.

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 10:15am

As some of your classmates have stated, the red paint not only draws your attention in, but also makes a really powerful statement. In addition, I am glad that you showed how you can personally connect to this topic.


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