Too Much Genocide

Michelle Nebel

Period 5

The topic of my hexagon is Genocide. In 1994, Rwanda suffered a 100 day long genocide that killed around 1,000,000 people.  The population of Chicago in 2011 was 2,700,000. This means that what is like almost half of Chicago’s population was killed in the Rwanda Genocide. That is a lot of people. In my hexagon, I showed this comparison. I drew the outline of Chicago and divided it in half. The dotted half of city represents the amount of people that died in the genocide compared to the whole city’s population. Those are all the innocent and helpless people who lost their lives for no good reason. 1,000,000 people is more than the population of Arlington Heights, IL. We could all be DEAD if this were to have taken place in our area. That’s why this needs to be stopped, It’s just too much. To create my hexagon and the images on it, I used bright tempera paint. I wanted it to stand out and be noticeable.


Sammi M.
03/17/2013 5:37pm

I love the colors you used on your hexagon! It brought out a nice touch!

Hannah M.
03/18/2013 1:02pm

I like the colors that you used and the words go with it good.


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