Jessica S.

 The sadness of abusing animals

  In my project I chose animal cruelty as my topic since it’s a huge issue that
should be stopped immeditately because these poor animals are being abused for
no reason at all. People choose to take their anger or pain out on these animals
and make them suffer. Animals abuse can impact peoples life in many ways but
hopefully it can impact people to chose to stop animal abuse. To help stop
animal abuse people are starting foundations and organzations to help stop the
crulety that keeps on happening to these poor animals. I find this very
important because I love animals and hate seeing them have to suffer for no
reason. I would love for animal abuse to stop for good once and for all. 

    In my hexagon I used paint, words, a pitcture and I drew a cross that says
stop Animal abuse. I picked this media to illustrate my issue because I felt
that adding words to say to stop would be important since animal abuse is unfair
to the animals. Also I painted it purple since I felt like purple is a darker
color and it helps symbolize pain. I drew a cross since it represents that it
should be stopped and that it causes pain to all people who care and love for


Delaney H.
03/06/2013 6:18pm

I really like the catch phrase for your hexagon, "There is no excuse for animal abuse". I thought it was very catchy.

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 11:32am

I think that purple was a great choice for your background, and your description that it was to symbolize pain was very well-thought out.


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