By:Michelle H.
  In the world, many families don’t have enough food for their whole family. There is 870 million people in Africa and 578 million people living in Asia and the pacific that don’t have enough to eat. On my hexagon, I drew continents Africa and Asia because thats where starvation is mostly common. It is important to me because I see people that stuff themselves with food they don’t care that people in this world have nothing to eat.
  The media I used on my  hexagon was markers and colored pencil.On my hexagon I drew the world on a plate so symbolize that the world has people that have an empty plate everyday and that we should do something to fill this empty plate.  


Samantha G.
03/11/2013 5:28pm

The plate with the world in the middle is a very creative idea on how we need to all come together and feed all the hungry people in the world, it was very creative, great job!

Claire O' (your bud)
03/12/2013 1:40pm

Hey Michelle! I love how you drew a circle in a shape of the Earth and compared it to how it would relate to starvation because it's very creative. It takes a lot of imagination to draw a plate for starvation in the shape of the Earth. (:

Carolina P.
03/15/2013 8:45am

I really like how you put the world on an empty plate to represent that the whole world suffers from starvation. Very Creative. (:

Veronica M
03/17/2013 7:51pm

I like how you drew the globe as the plate. Amazing work!!

Hannah H
03/18/2013 1:01pm

I really like how you made the world a plate.


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