Justin T.


Homelessness is a big concern for many Americans and people around the world. Living in the streets with no food except for the trash people throw out is a harsh way to live. Many people don’t realize that there are people who could be living right outside your house which is very sad. This is important to me because everyone should be living lives with shelter and food to survive so that they won’t die from starvation.
    I chose to use colored pencils and markers to create this project because it was an easier way to draw the pictures on my project. I used images of people living out on the streets and eating food out of the garbage to show how people have to live these terrible lives and many others don’t even realize it.


Sunny G
03/09/2013 12:39pm

I liked how you added the homeless eating from a garbage can because it showed what they have to go through while living on the streets.

Morgan C.
03/11/2013 4:24pm

I really like how you capture what living like the homeless really feels like and how hard it is.


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