Luke F.

Every day about 215 million children work. The majority stay at their jobs around the clock, only to be rewarded by a small sum of money. These children have no time to play, go to school, or enjoy pleasures that we take for granted as children. If you are a child that has to work to eat, the chances are you at risk for injuring yourself every day. I believe children should not be subjected to the pain of waking up and not knowing how they will continue on to the next day. Kids ought to have a fun childhood before having to start working, not to work until they 
can’t anymore.

In this art hexagon I utilized pictures of the currency of some countries that are prone to child labor such as the Chinese Yuan and the Mexican Peso. I have chosen bills with a low face value to depict the small amount of money kids that work receive. Pasted over the figures on the bills are photographs of suffering children, symbolizing these working kids.


Sunny G
03/09/2013 12:25pm

I really liked how you used the currency to show what little amount kids would make and also put up pictures that showed the children's emotions towards working.

Jack j
03/09/2013 3:44pm

I liked how you used the children's faces. It was a really smart idea.

Ms. Weiss
03/14/2013 10:55am

What an amazing unique idea to depict the global issue of child labor. You really spent time thinking this out. Excellent work!


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