By: Sabrina P
Homeless people is a big problem in the U.S and is spreading through the world.Were role models to some countries so if they see how we're behaving,then it will rub off them and then the whole world would be in worse trouble than it already is.This is truly important to me because i just feel like i need to help people.The poor need someone to take charge and care for them when they need it most..now.There starving to death,freezing and alone.Children aren't getting the education they need or the shelter to make them feel safe.Everyone on this world should care for another human being because sooner or later we will all become extinct.I want to make a change in this world and just by helping out at one food shelter can change a persons life forever.

The media that i chose was colored water pencil,paint and regular colored pencil.I chose this media because its made it look like it had color contrast.


02/26/2013 2:48pm

I like how you showed the homeless person looking back on the city, It really made me feel connected with how the homeless man feels with a huge city and yet nowhere to live

02/27/2013 7:58am

Your hexagon shows how overwhelming it is for a homeless person in a big city. I like the colors you used!

02/27/2013 8:00am

I like how you used awesome detail in your city buildings and I love all of the colors you did. Also you did a good job desplaying the message

02/27/2013 8:03am

i like how you explained your picture it was really touching to me heart!

Marc Q
02/27/2013 8:19am

I like how you drew the city in the background to show where most homeless people stay

Caroline H.
02/27/2013 8:36am

I like the colors because they make the words pop! I also like how you showed the homeless man faced toward the city!

02/27/2013 8:37am

I really like how you drew the city background with such detail. It makes this hexagon stand out and get your message noticed.

Kyle H
03/01/2013 8:46am

I like how you have the water color and the sign said help the city and the building are so awesome that I want to make one and I feel that I want to make a building that is just like that and I think that it looks really awesome.


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