Starvation is a problem all over the world, about 15 million kids die from starvation. Starvation happens mostly in countries like India, Asia, Africa, and Haiti.But we can stop that by donating can foods and doing programs like Feed My Starving Children. My hexagon shows one plate with regular food that people eat almost everyday but on the other hand theres a plate with almost no food just a couple of oats and grains, and that shows that people who are starving would eat that plate with barely no food. So that tells you that the starving people do not eat as much as us. In my hexagon, I used paint to complete my hexagon. My issue is important to me because, im very grateful of what I have and also the poeple who are starving can’t do anything about it. So we can only do things to help them not starve anymore.


Rachel P.
03/20/2013 8:18am

Good Job Lauren!! its really good!! I like the theme of you hexagon its very good!! Way to go!! :)


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