Veronica M.
I chose starvation because it's one of the most important issue in the world,
  In the world, many families don’t have enough food for their whole family. There is 870 million people in Africa and 578 million people living in Asia and the pacific that don’t have enough to eat. On my hexagon, I drew continents Africa and Asia because thats where starvation is mostly common. It is important to me because I see people that stuff themselves with food they don’t care that people in this world have nothing to eat. 
The materials I used are markers, sharpie, paint and a cardboard.
I drew a the edge of the world on the side, and drew the some of the countries that has a lot of people starving like for example Haiti and Africa.


Carolina P.
03/19/2013 7:48am

I love how you drew the world to represent that the entire world suffers from starvation. I also like how you explained how many people suffer from starvation in Asia, Africa, and Haiti. Good Job! :)


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