Some Wounds Don’t Heal
Samantha G.
Anger, suicide, depression, teen pregnancy, the use of drugs alcohol or gun violence at a young age, low grade levels and a terrible childhood are the effects that child abuse has on children all over the world. Child abuse is a worldwide problem, children are exposed, wounded and or killed from this tragedy every second of every day. This topic is important to me because, it is a very serious problem and children are so small and fragile that it is ashame to figure out that they are being abused all over the world. Children are told to lie to people about how they have bruises on their bodies because parents do not want to get caught. Children were born to live a healthy, fun and joyful life, they were not bought into this world to get abused by others a change. The form of media I used to complete my hexagon project was a collage filled with images that I found online, the background is a newspaper article about the increasing of child abuse. Then I printed out a quote that says “A statue stands in a shaded place, an angel girl with an upturned face, a name is written on a polished rock, a broken heart that the world forgot” -Martina Mcbride The words around the side are “depression, anger and suicide” which are three of the effects that child abuse has on children today. The word stop is just telling others to stop child abuse because it just is not right. The ribbon is for all the the children that had died from child abuse and a child is in the middle with a tear rolling down his cheek because he just got abused by a parent. No child should have to live an abused life, just remember that “More than bruises are left behind” -Fanpop.com


Ms. Weiss
03/13/2013 11:15am

Your use of quotes on your hexagon made a very powerful statement. Nice job!

Jennifer J.
03/18/2013 9:19pm

I liked the way you arranged your pictures/quotes. It emphasized some of the specific words and made me think about how child abuse is occurring around the world and the problems it brings along with it.


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