Putting an End to Child Abuse
Claire O’

 Child abuse is a serious world-wide issue that can’t just be stopped for every child dealing with this issue because each child has a different story and our first mission is to find out every child who is getting abused. While it may be difficult going door to door, gathering information whether the house is suspicious or all good, there must be another way to solve this problem. It can be anything from requiring every school to talk to all children on how to deal with child abuse if they become involved in it to interrogating parents! Asking the children sounds a little bit more logical but all possible solutions are being considered at the time. Schools should inform children who to go to if they are getting abused and what to do because it can happen to anyone, they just have to learn about the right response and reaction.
 I used a blue ribbon to go around my hexagon because it represents child abuse and then I used big, bold letters that say, “Help Prevent Child Abuse Stop Abusing!” I chose to use these bold letters to show how big of an issue this is and to understand what the true meaning of my hexagon means because not everyone knows what the blue ribbon stands for and I really would like my Hexagon to make a big message and impact. I even wrote,” Blue ribbon represents stopping child abuse” because I wanted it to make sense. Behind the blue ribbon, I drew a faded broken heart but the pieces stayed together from the ribbon. I colored my background black because as you know, this is a sad topic and it certainly is not happy and I wanted others to know how serious I was. I used colored pencils to draw all of this except for the ribbon (it’s real) because i would be able to determine how dark my colors were going to be. I cut my ribbon in pieces so I would be able to fold it and I stapled it so it would stay but at the very last second I decided to just not fold it.


Ms. Weiss
03/12/2013 5:01pm

Your passion for this issue really comes through in your writing. :)

Lydia S
03/12/2013 7:39pm

i think the way you wrote this really showed how much you cared about the danger of child abuse. Great Job!

MacKenzie D
03/14/2013 7:30pm

I really liked you hexagon, I think the ribbon was a really good idea and very creative! Great job!

Michelle H.
03/15/2013 9:02am

I really like how you put the ribbon on the hexagons, it was a great idea. Nice Job!!!

Veronica M
03/17/2013 7:49pm

I like how you put a real ribbon in the middle of your project! Amazing job Claire!!


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