Sarah G.
Child abuse is a problem all over the world. It affects children in all sorts of family situations and financial situations. Child abuse can happen to anyone anywhere. It is most prevalent in New Zealand. There are organizations all over that are trying to stop child abuse. Plus the government has laws against it. This problem is important to me because I know anyone can be affected by it. The background of my hexagon is painted to look like a bruise and it is supposed to show the pain an abused child goes through. The words in that background are feelings of an abused child. 

Veronica M.
I chose starvation because it's one of the most important issue in the world,
  In the world, many families don’t have enough food for their whole family. There is 870 million people in Africa and 578 million people living in Asia and the pacific that don’t have enough to eat. On my hexagon, I drew continents Africa and Asia because thats where starvation is mostly common. It is important to me because I see people that stuff themselves with food they don’t care that people in this world have nothing to eat. 
The materials I used are markers, sharpie, paint and a cardboard.
I drew a the edge of the world on the side, and drew the some of the countries that has a lot of people starving like for example Haiti and Africa.

Every 3.6 seconds a child dies from hunger. In developing countries 98% of people do not have enough to eat. 2,073,588 people are estimated world wide to die this year because of hunger. Everyday over $69,564,151 is spent on American food and then thrown away. $19,555,924 amount that would allow to feed the hungry. 73,328 TONS of food is wasted in America today. In 2008 6 million children died before their 5th birthday. I used a bowl and hands to represent hungry people eating. I also used a sharpie around the edges to make a border with facts written on it. It is a worldwide issue and with the help of everyone we can help the people in need

Meghana C.

Drug Abuse
By Silvio. I.
The worldwide issue which my project concerns is Drug Abuse. It is not simply concerned to drugs themelves, for drugs will exist whether or not people abuse them. What my project reflects is the effect that drug abuse has upon the body and the mind. I wrote : "Poisoning both the mind and the body, drugs burn up one's spirit and extinguish life. The end of the journey is death. YOur body is numb, your thoughts are weak, you are degrading and falling into the Abys." These sentences are not meant to cause fear, but my words are meant to be an honet warning that describes what drug abuse does to one. Sadly this is an issue which has spread out across the entire world without exception. People in their thousands suffer from it, not always directly, although it is an issue which much like a cancer first weakens and then kills. Drugs will most clearly doestry a person, therefore I made small representations of the more comon types of drugs that are abused. It may not always be something ilegal, but the abuse of any drug, even if it is for medicinal porpose, damages the body, weakens the mind, and turns a human being into a shadow of one's self, That was the essence which I captured in my artwork. The media that I used was ink, read and white in a black backround. The reason for this was because those are rather dark colours, colours of death, red representing blood and pain, white representing bones and confusion, and black representing the eternal abyss which is the end of the journey for a drug abuser, for that is what drugs make one fall into. The ribbon which I drew symbolised a pledge against this cancer in our society. Drug abuse in my opinion i and will remain a cancer, and thereofe we mus cut it out before it spreads to the entire body.

Too Much Genocide

Michelle Nebel

Period 5

The topic of my hexagon is Genocide. In 1994, Rwanda suffered a 100 day long genocide that killed around 1,000,000 people.  The population of Chicago in 2011 was 2,700,000. This means that what is like almost half of Chicago’s population was killed in the Rwanda Genocide. That is a lot of people. In my hexagon, I showed this comparison. I drew the outline of Chicago and divided it in half. The dotted half of city represents the amount of people that died in the genocide compared to the whole city’s population. Those are all the innocent and helpless people who lost their lives for no good reason. 1,000,000 people is more than the population of Arlington Heights, IL. We could all be DEAD if this were to have taken place in our area. That’s why this needs to be stopped, It’s just too much. To create my hexagon and the images on it, I used bright tempera paint. I wanted it to stand out and be noticeable.

Carolina P.

Millions of people are discriminated for their skin color or ethnicity. Most of racial abuse of slurs are in America. This is when one race of group believes that they are superior to another race group. This then may lead to violence or verbel abuse to many people living in the country. Racism has been in the world since as long as anyone could remember or that has been recorded. Many people have never tried to completely stop racism because they believe it is impossible. It has always been an issue in the world and still is. Racism will continue to be in the future if people in this generation and future generations don't learn to value everyones ethnicity, religious values, race, and skin color. Because after all no matter what skin color, we are all still human beings living in this world. 

My hexagon is supposed to represent that even though we all might have different colored skin and come from different parts of the world, we all still make up the world. The media I used to make my hexagon is a pencil, markers, a black sharpie, and colored pencils.

Agata P.
Every 13 seconds a child is abused. 48% are boys and 52% are girls. Child abuse is happening everywhere. In poor,  middle class, and well-to-do homes. In any ethnic, cultural, occupational, religious, and age group. Websites try to help child abuse such as www.childhelp.org. This is not the only thing trying to help children getting abused. Police departments and “fight child abuse” are trying as well. This is  important to me because I dislike hearing that adults abuse children. And this problem happens all around the world. Why have a child/children if you are going to make his/her life miserable by abusing he/she/them? My hexagon project is mainly made of construction paper of words that describe child abuse. Such as harm, sorrow, isolation and tormented. I used the color red for the words for a specific reason because I think that most people think of blood when they hear the word abuse. I made the text bold and big letters  because abuse is a big thing and it should be recognized more. I chose this topic for my project because it’s interesting. You wouldn’t expect so many children getting hurt or even killed by their own family members or strangers.

Jared M.
The media I used to illustrate my ideas were meaningful pictures found on the
Internet that represent terrorism and the tragedy it has caused over many years.
  I chose this form of media because although it reminds people of sad times, the
quote makes them realize that terrorism is a truly terrible thing and we must
put a stop to it immediately.  Terrorism is an issue that is constantly
happening all around the world.  Many people have contributed, including an
organization known as the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, which
is an international partnership that is committed to implement a set of shared
nuclear security principles.  What this means is that this group of people are
trying to make places safer, such as airports, and prevent dangerous events from
occurring.  Preventing the issue of terrorism is important to me because if
places such as airports are safer, I will feel more confident about family
members who travel by plane often and I won’t have to worry about their lives
being threatened. 

    In my hexagon, I cut out a picture of smoke coming out of the twin towers
into a dove shape with flames in the background.  This symbolizes that terrorism
is in the past, and moving forward we should focus on world peace.  I also used
a quote and a picture of the planet to symbolize that the whole entire world
must unite as one and do something about this issue.
 By: Mackenzie D.
Child starvation is all around the world, in my hexagon I focused on one particular place, Africa. All around the world, thousands of children are dying each day because they don’t have food to eat. These children don’t have money, and can not get a job because they are under aged and not qualified. Children don’t have food because they don’t have any parents to take care of them. Or their parents don’t care because the kids are already dying of starvation. Other children in Africa don’t have proper places to get clean food or water so they get diseases.  Their country does not have the resources like our country does, and it only gets worse. This is why I did this topic for my hexagon, I wanted to draw awareness to how bad child starvation is around the world. This topic is important to me because it is really sad to see pictures of all these children with no food. After doing my research when I sit down to eat now I only take what I think I will eat.  It has been a good lesson for me. It is upsetting that more people are not doing anything to help the children. There are rich people with tons of money to spend, more money than one person could spend in a lifetime. The kids in the pictures on my hexagon are all begging for food, and you can actually count their ribs easily, which is really depressing. I chose those sad pictures to represent the real issue itself, and how this is actually happening to the children in Africa. I used rice and noodles to represent the organization that is helping the starving children in Africa, which is Feed My Starving Children. They make meals and bring them to Africa, and feed children and lots of other people. Also I used a blue back-round under the rice to represent the sea. I believe the choices I made while doing this project were good and I learned a lot about what is actually going on in the world that they don’t talk a lot about on the news. This is and probably always be one of the most significant, unresolved issues in the world.

By:Elissa Sassan Topic Homeless

I feel that homelessness is getting worse in the world. I feel that we should help the homeless by not wasting our food and donate things to pads and we will truly make a difference for the homeless people. I chose to write quotes,  use metallic markers, and color the background different  colors to show that homelessness is getting worse and we should do something about it.


There are about 3 million americans who have experienced homelessness in about a year. There are about 1,200 people who are homeless and they go to pads for shelter and food.