Poverty In America
Alicia C

    46 million people in America live in poverty. The economy has been affecting the way people regularly live. Many people in America are having dramatic changes in their everyday lives. But together we can stop this and help those 46 million. Just helping out can change someone’s life. Try donating food or board games or clothing you don’t wear anymore. The one thing you do can start a chain reaction. Helping someone can cause another person to help someone and so on. In my hexagon, you see people reaching for money. The people are underwater. This is supposed to resemble the expression “Keep your head above water,” meaning we’re almost in debt. But in my hexagon, the people are underwater meaning that they’re in debt and the money above them is what they need for a life without worrying where they are going to sleep, and how they will feed and clothe their kids. I picked the paper because it looked like water and the yellow - pink paper to make it look like the sky and hope. The green paper is the money and the light pink paper is the people. I hope my hexagon tells you that we need to do something about poverty and that we should come together and help those 46 million people.


Anna Martens
03/03/2013 4:49pm

I like how you have the money above the water and the people are drowning. It is like the people are in debt and we are drowning.

Demi T.
03/12/2013 2:20pm

I love how you had the people almost reaching for the money. And i loved the paper.


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