Lainey H
So many animals and plant that exist in the ocean are dying out so quickly. Because of us, animals such as turtles, whales, fish, coral, and so much more are becoming endangered. When we don’t throw away trash or are careless with recycling, sometimes it can drift all the way to the ocean from the wind. When a sea animal sees a plastic bag, or any kind of trash, it could think it is food. Once they eat the garbage, the animal could choke and die. As you can see, endangered ocean animals are something that we need to prevent before the animals become extinct. In my artwork, I used colored pencils. I chose this because I could get a lot of detail into the turtle and plastic bag. I chose to draw a turtle with plastic bags because it symbolizes how some of the animals are swimming in our garbage, and they could eat the plastic and die. Outlining the hexagon are things that ocean animals could choke on such as trash, soda cans, plastic bags, and other plastic materials. I chose to say “Save the ocean animals” because I want to stress how important it is to protect them. I hope people will get the message and throw away the trash, and recycle the plastic.


Jessica S
03/06/2013 2:12pm

I really liked the way you drew the animals. You did a very good job getting your point acorss how the pollution of sea life should be stopped! great job! :)

Delaney H.
03/06/2013 6:21pm

I like how you bolded the black words with a white outline. I also love your the drawing of the turtle!!!:)

Meghan K.
03/10/2013 10:23am

I really like how in your hexagon you used a turtle swimming with the plastic surrounding it to show what some environments look like. I think its very creative!!!


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