Jack J.

If overfishing doesn’t stop soon, there will be no fish left in the oceans by the year 2025. Fish are a big food source in many countries and supply many jobs to people in Hawaii, Chile, the Caribbean, Kenya and many other places all across the world. If there are no fish left, people will go hungry, not only because their main food source is gone, but because they can’t afford any other food because they lost their job. This is a big world issue that no one seems to care about. Overfishing has decreased a little in the past couple of years, but not enough.

In my hexagon, I used colored pencils, cardboard and pictures from the internet. I used these kinds of media because they help best illustrate what is happening. Because this is issue is really depressing and no a lot of people seem to care about it, I used a lot of blue to express my feelings.


Connor R.
03/02/2013 6:09pm

I liked the way you had the dead fish with the sign saying population: 0

Deegan O.
03/06/2013 1:34pm

I like how you put the faces of the people onto the stick figures. It is funny and very creative.

Delaney H.
03/06/2013 6:26pm

I like how you used a comedic picture, so that people would want to take a second look at your hexagon.

Alex J
03/08/2013 4:47am

I like the way you got your point across but were also funny.

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 11:59am

This is a great piece of artwork, Jack! It is very clever, and really gets your point across in a very unique way.


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