By: Colleen H.
    My concern is that people are going to start treating the Earth like a garbage can and not care if the world is clean or not. If people don't take responsibility and care for the planet, the world may become uninhabitable.  When people stop caring, the world will become horrible and  this is already happening in some areas. This will escalade into people dying from how bad the pollution is. I care about the environment because I wish to keep the earth clean, and want it to continue to exist for many generation to come. My hexagon represents our actions if we decide to keep the environment clean or if we decide to neglect it. It shows the bright side to keeping the environment clean, and how we will be happy and healthy. It also shows how everything continues to live and thrive. On the other side it shows what will happen if pollution gets out of control. This side shows how the pollution would affect us, it also shows what would happen to the world because of pollution. This side is dark and slimy. Also, it shows how everything is dying. The media I used to create my project was colored pencils and markers. I used these because markers can create bright looks for the positive side to make the environment look cheery and healthy. The markers also helped make the negative side look dark to show how dreary and unhealthy the environment can be.


Justin T.
03/07/2013 8:17pm

Good job. I liked how you showed a good earth and bad earth to tell what is happening throughout the world. Very creative.

Meghan K.
03/10/2013 10:20am

I really like your hexagon! I like how you show the good side and bad side of non-pollution and pollution. It gives us viewers a good look on what the earth should look like but also what some parts of it looks like.

Klaudia P
03/12/2013 3:53pm

I like your drawing that it shows one side is bad of pollution and the other side is happy because there is no pollution. Also how you care about the environment.

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 7:53am

I like how you expressed how important this issue is to you.

Bryan L.
03/18/2013 1:21pm

I really like this! It gave me a visual of the polluted air and healthy air, and it showed me a big difference between the two.


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