Michael N
 The nature conservancy project

 In this hexagon I used pictures from the internet and colored pencils to complete
this project. I chose the pictures i did because I thought that they would go
good with the video i watched on how the cows are crossing through the water on
the farm and making it warmer than it should be for example the river used to be
a spawning grounds for salmon and ever since the cows started going through the
river it started to heat up so much that the salmon couldn’t spawn there any
more because it got so warm.


Ms. Weiss
03/19/2013 6:25am

The pictures you chose were wonderful- they really helped express your issue.

Arieana U
04/05/2013 7:11am

I liked how you were able to show a complete issue, but in a simple fashion, with the way you put the pictures on the hexagon, and the colors used. Great job!


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