Maggie R.
There are so many abused children
throughout the world. It is not just something that goes on outside the United
States. Child Abuse is something that could be going on in your neighbor’s home.
That is why on my Hexagon, I incorporated a picture from the Internet of a girl
with tape over her mouth. Children are forced  to hide that they are being
abused, so you would not know if your friend or neighbor was abusing or abused.
Even the “favorite dad on the block” could be hurting his child everyday. I give
an example of a mug shot. This man was “the world’s greatest dad” shown by his
t-shirt but, in reality he was the worst dad in the world. Plus, I included a
ripped and torn teddy bear. This symbolizes the innocence of the child that is
being beaten is the equivalent to ripping a teddy bear. Child abuse is something
that really needs to be changed. No-one deserves to be beaten or feel the pain
that the children feel everyday. In addition, I wrote with a marker, the words;
cry, fear, suicide, depression, pain, troubled, blood, hurt, bruises, tears,
alone, and abandoned around a tear drop. All of these are the effects of child
abuse. In the background of the Hexagon there is an article about Child Abuse.
It shows that Child Abuse needs to be brought to public attention. At this point
in the United States, police officers and civilians are being notified about
child abuse and the signs of it. So, many children have been helped but, in 2006
there was at least 3.5 million child abuse referrals. This does not include the
amount of child abuse that is not being reported. Child abuse is really serious,
and all it takes is one person to make a difference.


Delaney H.
03/06/2013 6:15pm

I like how you used an actual news paper article for the background of your hexagon.

Emma W.
03/07/2013 7:01pm

I love the items you chose to do on your hexagon! The bear, mug shot, and child really shows how child abuse really is a problem in and around the United States. I think you did a great job on your hexagon!

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 10:31am

Great symbolism Maggie! Your description of the symbolism, along with the statistics is very powerful. Great job!


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