By: Jennifer J.

The topic I chose was animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is an issue that shouldn't be a problem in the world. It wouldn't be a major issue if  people learned to respect animals like they respect other people. Animals from all different species suffer from cruel treatment everyday.  They experience unnecessary pain whether it's from animal testing, animal fighting, or just inhumane abuse. I tried to convey in my hexagon that animals deserve to live on this planet as much as we humans think we do. Humans may be more intelligent in some aspects but that doesn't give us a right to treat animals like they lower than us. We have no right to degrade any other living organisms.           The media I used was tempera paint and special colored paper. I used the special colored paper to emphasize specific words, and the tempera paint to make the footprints more easier to see which animals they belong to. The shiny blue circle was to represent the water of the earth and the green footprints the land part of it. I arranged the green footprints so they formed the shape of some of the continents. The footprints belong to all different kinds of animals including human footprints. They were to represent that we all live on the same planet and it should be equally shared among us. We all make up the earth and have reasons to be on it, so no one has the privilege to take away your rights to be here.The wording around the earth was to show that we all are the same and have feelings. We can convey our feelings easily but for animals it's harder for them to show us how they feel. Many people believe because of that they can't feel emotions. I emphasized feelings with shiny silver paper to show that animals can feel pain and be hurt just like any other of us can. The world has noticed that animal cruelty is an inhumane thing to do and some try to prevent it, but the efforts they they put into it aren't enough to stop it. Animal abuse is inhumane and I believe we all need to learn that we should respect animals like we respect each other. If you were to put yourself in their place how would you feel? Animal cruelty may not seem like a major issue to some people, but I believe it needs to stop.  Animals don't deserve all the pain we put onto them and the world should understand that they aren't toys that we can just manipulate. I used rainbow paper to write out "Be Their Voice" which is located at the bottom of my hexagon. I wanted that to stand out to show that we need to stand up for these animals and be the voice that they lack. We should help convey their feelings to the world and try to help animal cruelty to occur less. I also added the water animals in the water area ,because those creatures also don't deserve to be treated any different from us. The world would be a better place if we all allowed each other to be happy, including animals. It is important to me because I believe the earth should be equally share among us, and that we have no reason to cause harm to helpless animals. We should be the ones to support them because we were given the ability to do so. I believe that we can overcome this depressing issue, and understand that we are all no different from each other and deserve to be respected.


Maddie M
03/19/2013 7:44am

I love how you wrote around the world in the white letters. It really made it stand out.

Katie W
03/19/2013 8:08am

I like how you used the different colors for the words at the bottom, it really made me draw my eyes to it


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