Agata P.
Every 13 seconds a child is abused. 48% are boys and 52% are girls. Child abuse is happening everywhere. In poor,  middle class, and well-to-do homes. In any ethnic, cultural, occupational, religious, and age group. Websites try to help child abuse such as www.childhelp.org. This is not the only thing trying to help children getting abused. Police departments and “fight child abuse” are trying as well. This is  important to me because I dislike hearing that adults abuse children. And this problem happens all around the world. Why have a child/children if you are going to make his/her life miserable by abusing he/she/them? My hexagon project is mainly made of construction paper of words that describe child abuse. Such as harm, sorrow, isolation and tormented. I used the color red for the words for a specific reason because I think that most people think of blood when they hear the word abuse. I made the text bold and big letters  because abuse is a big thing and it should be recognized more. I chose this topic for my project because it’s interesting. You wouldn’t expect so many children getting hurt or even killed by their own family members or strangers.


Carolina P.
03/15/2013 8:38am

I like how made a collage of words that represent child abuse. I also like the tear drop. Good Job! :)

Maggie P
03/18/2013 7:34am

I like how you used words in your hexagon to show child abuse

Hannah T
03/19/2013 1:22pm

I like the way you used those words. It was simple and effective.


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