Ethan K.

Spare Change?
Homelessness is a worldwide issue because they are people around the world who are starving,  sleeping on the streets, and are over all dying because they cannot afford to live in a house or even feed themselves.  Many homeless people are forced to beg for money and food.  Usually when people see them there they think “Oh i’m so glad that isn’t me” or “He/she looks gross”.  People say that without even knowing the person’s situation or circumstances.  The real truth though is that they are not any different from you or me they just weren’t as lucky.  If the person walking next to you fell down you would help up and ask them if they were ok right?  So why not help the Homeless get back up onto their feet.  There are already organizations such as Do Something which helping homeless teens get clothes and Chicago Homeless which is giving jobs to the homeless so that they can pick themselves backup.  Homelessness is important to me because when I was 3 or 4, I saw a homeless man and felt bad for him so I gave him my leftovers from dinner.  Ever since then I always go out of my way to give the homeless whatever they ask for because I want to help them.

For my hexagon I chose to use cardboard instead of tagboard because I wanted to show the material that most homeless people have to resort to for shelter and protection from the elements.  I also used pictures of different homeless people to illustrate the seriousness of the topic and how depressing it is.  The last thing that I did was draw a homeless person’s hand holding a sign that says “Change?”.  I drew a hand holding a sign because a lot of homeless people hold cardboard signs asking for spare change, but instead of spare change I wrote “Change” to say that this issue needs to be taken care of. I used mostly darker colors to give my hexagon a more dark or depressing feeling.


Jack P.
03/11/2013 7:30pm

I like how you started your paragraph with a question. It really makes me want to keep reading.

Grace P.
03/12/2013 6:01am

I liked how you used cardboard as your background. It went well with the topic.

Claire O'
03/12/2013 1:36pm

I liked how you used cardboard for your hexagon because that's what makes it stand out and it's very creative. I understand that homeless people use cardboard from a box as signs that ask for money because they don't have enough money for the sign.

Lydia S
03/12/2013 7:37pm

I thought the way you used your materials was very creative, and thought what you had to say was very good and detailed.

Ms. Weiss
03/13/2013 11:11am

Very original! Great use of the cardboard, and the dual meaning of the word "Change." Excellent work!

MacKenzie D
03/14/2013 7:35pm

I really liked how you used examples of how people react when they see homeless people. Your hexagon was creative, good job!


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