Marco T
       Hexagon Commentary

War happens in basically every country throughout the whole world. War is important to me because it shows how brave people are to risk their lives every day. They are not fighting for no purpose. They have a reason, and that is so there country may have freedom and be safe every day. This is why I like war, and also the interesting battles that you may hear about that become very intense. I wanted to learn more about the subject, and who’s the strongest army for war. I wanted to use my opportunity to learn about war. The reason I chose my pictures for my hexagon are because they show what people use in war, and the challenges they have to face everyday. Also, I wanted the brave soldiers to be remembered who fought for the country I live in, America. I found a picture of a statue of people raising the american flag in war. This really is a great picture to me to know that they are all remembered for the hard work they did to support our country. It’s important to me so they get the credit they deserve, and I also had a picture of the men fighting in war. This is to show what they had to go through everyday, and the tough times they had during war. On my hexagon I wrote freedom, liberty, and remember those who fought. I wrote this on my hexagon to show what the soldiers do for our country everyday. They are giving us our freedom, so they deserved to be remembered every day. In the world almost everywhere war is going on. The people in military serving for them are doing a big part to their country. All countries should thank their brave soldiers fighting for their country. Nothing really is being done to fix the problem of war. Countries still fight to resolve their problems, instead of negotiating their problems. I think they should work out the problems instead of fight so I hope in the future something can resolve the problem of war. War is important to me just so everyone can have the freedom that they deserve, and to remember the men fighting for our countries every single day. I put a lot of things to symbolize my issue like the pictures i put, and the words I wrote. Ultimately, I hope that one day the problem of war can be resolved, but until then we shall remember the soldiers fighting for our countries.


Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 10:11am

Marco, I like how you stated that you think countries should work to resolve their problems in a peaceful manner.


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